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Join The Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA or Audi Club
April 15th, 2015

Greetings BMW and Audi car enthusiasts! Spring is here and with it, the track is calling – autocross, driving school, club race days – can’t wait for the season to start. Whether you’re a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA, or Audi Club, there’s lots of events coming up to make your day behind the wheel. At Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO,  RMC BMW CCA is hosting their first autocross school on April 25, with the first autocross run the next day on the 26th. The Audi Club is hosting a women’s driving school with female driving instructors, on Sunday, June 14, at the Colorado State Patrol Track, Golden, CO.

Please note that we do FREE tech inspections at Bavarian Motors, LLC. Simply call to make an appointment, and we’ll get you al set for your track day!

Both clubs have more racing opportunities to come during the summer, and some great social events too, so be sure to check their calendars: RMC BMW CCA Facebook page  and the Audi Club Facebook page

Next up at Bavarian Motors – Top Gear Nights. Yes, Jeremy Clarkson is a KNOB, but we miss him and Top Gear already! So we got ourselves a projector that lights up 8’ by 10’ on the wall, and we’re opening the shop doors up for Top Gear marathon nights starting in May. Look for an announcement on our website and Facebook page. We are setting up the events as a Meetup group. All are welcome!

Curb Checks, Spin Outs and White-knuckle Moments

driving in snow Bavarian Motors DenverWe've had some interesting weather these past few weeks - mild and sunny one day to bitterly cold and snowing the next. And with the drastic weather changes, we have all suffered through some harrowing commutes – "skating" on icy roads, spin-outs, curb checks and other white-knuckle moments. Not the best way to start and end your day! It takes its toll on you and on your Beemer, Audi, Mercedes or VW too.

We're going to offer you a break. We have no control over the weather, but we can make sure that your car is in top condition and safe to drive. If you're wondering whether your tires have enough traction to get you through the next storm, or your brakes have enough stopping power to keep you from hitting the skittish "out-of-stater" in front of you, or you're concerned about the noise in the front-end since you slid into the curb, come see us for a free vehicle inspection.

Yes – free! Call us to make an appointment, mention this blog post, and get a free inspection. We'll check your tires and brakes, check the front and rear suspension for any noise or play, test your battery, and also address any other concerns that you might have. We can do all of the above in less than an hour, and have you on your way – driving through the next crazy commute with confidence.

Speaking of crazy, check out this 5:00 traffic sitch:


With Thanks….

HAPPY  THANKSGIVING to all our customers. We appreciate your business – We thank you for putting your trust in us – We thank you for referring friends and family to us too!

Have a wonderful time celebrating the holiday with loved ones. 


Winter Ready Cars Part 1


car-batteryAccording to AAA, the number of dead battery calls triples as soon as temperatures drop for the season. Ai! Don’t be a stranded statistic!

Two things to remember about car batteries: First, the battery that started your car easily in the summer, may not have enough juice to do the same in the winter. In winter, the engine is harder to start anyway, because the oil isn’t as “fluid” as it was in the heat of summer.  Secondly, batteries lose power as the weather gets colder outside. Not only do you need more power to start an engine when the temperature drops, you also get less power from the same battery in cold weather.

With so many to choose from, how do you know which battery is the best? Batteries are rated by a measure called “cold cranking amps” (CCA), the maximum number of amps that the battery can deliver at zero degrees  for thirty seconds. Good, powerful batteries are rated at or above 600 CCA. The problem with this CCA rating is, some batteries rated at 600 CCA can just barely make the 30-second criterion, and some can pump it out much longer – clearly better batteries. How to know which is which? Check Consumer Reports’ ratings. They do the CCA test and report how long the battery puts out the 600 amps – good information to have to make an informed decision.

If your battery is more than 3 years old, now is the time to buy a new one. You don’t want an old battery to leave you stranded somewhere!

Want to know how much juice is left in your current battery? And what about the rest of the charging system in your car – Starter? Alternator? Are the belts and hoses showing signs of age? Come by the shop. We can check your battery, charging system, and the belts and hoses in your car. We’ll answer your questions about different brands of batteries, and we can clean up any corrosion and check that the connections to the battery are sound too.


GaugeThe ideal mixture of coolant and water in your radiator is 50/50.  Check your owner’s manual to see which type of coolant is recommended. Coolant/Antifreeze is critically important to protecting  your car’s engine and keeping it from over-heating (yes, even in winter!), while also helping to provide the heat that keeps you warm in your car on frosty days. Cool, huh? So make sure that your coolant level is where it should be.

If it has been a stretch of time since you have had the coolant drained or flushed and filled in your car, please call us and make an appointment to have it done. The same is true if you are overdue for an oil change. At Bavarian Motors, we always use  OEM synthetic oils and fluids, because they are the best choice for severe conditions, such as cold temperature starting and operation. Synthetic oils also do the best job of lubricating and guarding against wear. We can help you assess whether your transmission fluid, and the other fluids in your vehicle, need to be changed out too.

Going from one season to the next, warm to cold, means that your vehicle’s fluids must be checked and, in many cases, changed, to keep it running in optimally. November is the ideal time to do this, before the cold really sets in. Maintaining the essential levels is easy and can extend the life of your vehicle by thousands of miles.


Winter Windshield, wiperMake sure your current wiper blades are in good condition, and replace them if necessary. You don’t want to discover that the rubber on your wiper blades is warped or cracked, and streaking their way across your windshield, while driving during a storm. Top off your windshield washer fluid at regular intervals too.

To prevent wear on your windshield wiper motors, and to keep those blades from freezing to your windshield – turn your wipers off before you shut off the engine of the car, and pull the wiper arms off of the windshield and let them “rest” pointing up and out.

Also, check the condition of your snow brush and ice scraper.  Looking a bit worse-for-the-wear? Best to invest in new ones!

Lastly, clear the snow and ice off of all of your car, so you can see out of all the windows while you’re driving. Yes it’s cold, and you’re tired, but the other drivers sharing the road with you will be grateful!

From Whoa to Go-Diagnostics are Key

BMW, Audi, VW, car, auto, repairs, maintenance

Diagnostics are Key

As I said in an earlier blog post, we now have Autologic diagnostics at the shop. Its capabilities are amazing, and it certainly provides quick and accurate diagnostics on the BMW’s, Audi’s, VW’s, Mercedes, and Porsches that come into our shop.

But it isn’t a magic box with all the answers. It points us in the right direction. We use the Autologic Diagnostic tool as just that, a tool. We combine this tool with our years of experience working on cars, understanding whole systems and how they’re interrelated, the nuances between different makes and models, and the patterns and the quirks of each.

We also use a checklist for each car that comes into Bavarian Motors, and we look the car over thoroughly. Is this like the checklist that some of the big chain repair shops shout about in their discount advertising? – Oil change at a ridiculously low price + a 25 point inspection! WOW!

Yes and no. There are many points of inspection on our form, like the super-sale places. We also do a test drive before and after the repair. But our intention for the form is different from the super-sale chains.  We have it in place as part of our routine because it allows us to do three things: 1) Make you aware of any issues that need immediate attention, especially if they are safety concerns, and also make you aware of any developing or less critical issues to keep a watch on. 2) A thorough look-over helps us to “connect-the-dots.” The Autologic reads the computer(s) in the car, we read the car. Put the “readings” together, and you get more of the whole story. Accurate diagnostics saves you money, and ensures the correct repair. 3) It helps us to sell you repairs and maintenance that your car needs to run properly and to last. Yes, we do use it as a sales tool. The super-sale chain does too. The difference is, they are fans of “bait and switch” tactics, “specials” and discounts that lure you in. We are not. We sell you work that needs to be done, and nothing more. We will prioritize repairs for you. We will answer your questions. We DO NOT “make-work” just to sell you something or meet a quota. We don’t have quotas.

We’re long-sighted, not short-sighted. We want our customers to come to us because we do good work and they know that they can trust us to take care of their cars, and they trust us enough to tell their friends about us too. We are in business to make money – we do have to be viable. Understand though, that the added value of coming to us for repairs and maintenance is that we will be honest with you. We always consider your safety and your budget when prioritizing work. We are not the cheapest shop, but we offer repairs at a competitive price. Are we perfect? No! But when we make mistakes, we admit it and we “make good” on them. We have purchased a 24 month, 24,ooo mile, national warranty coverage so that our customers will be taken care of no matter where the road takes them.

Wheels in Motion

TIRES AND WHEELSTire Rack Wheels Rims

Ahh… August. Still summer. Hot, sunny days – breezy nights – cold beers andballgames – picnics and bbq’s with family and friends – camping in the mountains – enjoying that last vacation before the kids go back to school. Fall is around the corner, and in just 8 weeks it will be 28 degrees and snowing.

Ouch. That was brutal! Just plain rude to take you from summer’s fade right into the chill of winter – BAM!

But it’s true. And with that reality check I’ll share this –  it’s time to consider new tires for your vehicle if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

1) Did you slide into any curbs/other vehicles/traffic signs/human beings/Wampas while driving last winter?

2) You drove sooo super S..L…O….W on residential streets or I-25 last season, because you couldn’t get any dang traction from those bologna rinds your driving on, that you may as well have walked?

3) Are you actually driving on bologna rinds?

Let me direct you to Tire Rack. I tell all of our customers to start there when looking for new tires. Not just because I am a Tire Rack installer (shameless plug), but because of the amount of useful information their site offers – customer reviews, warranty information, detailed specs, and best sellers. They also offer tire and wheel packages for summer and winter, with a huge selection of great looking wheels. Fit your older rims with winter tires, and upgrade to a sporty or sophisticated set of wheels for summer. Once you select a set of wheels, you can also check out what they’ll look like on your car – very slick!

Tire Rack also has opened a distribution warehouse in Denver, in the Stapleton area. What that means for you as a customer is, if you order new tires/wheels through the Tire Rack website, you can have them drop-shipped to Bavarian Motors and 9 times out of 10, they’ll arrive the next day. Or, you can save money on shipping and pick them up from the warehouse and bring them to the shop.


So check your tires. (Penny test photo for reference). If you can see all of Lincoln, go to and call us at the shop to schedule an appointment for installation.

Rocking AutoLogic Diagnostics

autologic Bavarian Motors DenverAutoLogic Diagnostic Tool

Mid-May, I was in Orlando, FL for a weekend of WorldPac Training workshops – BMW Naturally Aspirated NG Engines, BMW SMG Transmission, BMW Body Electronics 4, and BMW/MINI Fuel Trim Operation and Diagnostics. All great classes. But the grand event at any WTI weekend is the toy show, I mean tool show, and I bought the coolest toy, I mean TOOL, of them all – An AutoLogic Diagnostic Computer. Oh, yeah!

It was a big, but worthwhile investment. I wanted to have top-of-the-line diagnostic capability in the shop, and now I do. The AutoLogic computer offers OEM/Dealer level diagnostics, and it increases our ability to correctly diagnose difficult and/or intermittent issues through its two-way communication (comp to comp) capabilities. In addition, I can do coding, and also program individual modules.

I can do factory tunes on BMW’s to increase performance too. Basically, Autologic performance tunes are modifications to the manufacturers vehicle computer data. These modifications are downloaded to the cars’ Engine Control Module (ECM), via the AutoLogic, through the OBD-II diagnostic connector. (Try saying that fast a few times.) They potentially offer increased power/torque/boost and fuel efficiency, faster acceleration, reduced number of gear changes, more engine flexibility, and sharper throttle response.

AutoLogic has developed performance tunes for many of the BMW control units, and there are hundreds of variations for each control unit and vehicle. For more information about Autologic Performance tunes at Bavarian Motors, please call me at the shop.

Note: Horsepower gains are dependent upon the type of engine that is in the vehicle. The vehicle diagnostic, prior to doing the performance tune, will tell me what the options are for your vehicle, along with the specific gains. I am happy to discuss these with you prior to doing the tune.

Less than a week after I got back form the WorldPac Training weekend, I had AutoLogic in the shop. It is the best toy, TOOL, ever! We have rocked the AutoLogic diagnostics on every car that has come through the shop since,  and we also solved a 5 series puzzler with it.


No Offense: Deutsche Wörter bringen mich zum Lachen

No offense, but German words make
me laugh. Deutsch ist eine lustige
sprache! Shouting out words and
phrases in German, real and
made-up-in-the-moment, provides
hours of joy and laughter for us
in the shop. Seriously.

We are not alone in engaging in this pastime. Below is evidence of this; a few brief excerpts from postings online. Hats off to Matt Edwards, Confiscated Toothpaste, and to the creator of the hilarious list of made-up German auto phrases on the VW Passat forum

Confiscated Toothpaste, by Matt Edwards

-Top 17 Funny German Words and Phrases-

12. Fahrt, Einfahrt and Notfahrt

Has nothing to do with breaking wind, breaking wind once or never breaking wind. Fahrt means ride or trip, Einfahrt means entrance and Notfahrt means emergency trip, apparently. Can a Notfahrt be to the bathroom? What’s that? I can’t put that on the website? But I’ve already done so.

8. Kohlensäure

I initally thought this must be some kind of German dinosaur like Kohlensaurus Rex but it just means bubbles. In your soda.

15. Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung

Wow, such a long word, this must be an abstract legal term or a chemical name, right? No, it’s the word for “speed limit”. What!!!?

17. Kugelschreiber

In English it’s a pen, in French a stylo, in Spanish a pluma. Only in Germany would such an everyday object have so many syllables. It’s like they just have so much time to spend speaking, why rush? Literally translated, Kugelschreiber means “ball scriber” which is also funny for other reasons.

2. Ich Liebe Dich

(Go to for definition)

Learn Your German Auto Phrases - Courtesy of Passatworld

The following list of German motoring phrases are ones that everyone with a German car should know:

1) Die BlinkenLeiten Tickentocken = Signal Indicators

2) Pullknob und KnuckleChoppen = Auto Hood (Bonnet)

3) Der Spitzenpoppenbangentuben = Exhaust

4) Das Kulink mit Schlippenundshaken = Clutch

To read the rest of the list go to:

HA….ha..ha…ha…ha…HAH….ha..ha…..ha…HAH..HAH….ha…ha…Urkomisch! Vergnügen finden!

And to Summerize…Tips for a Summer Ready Car

BMW, highway, summer, vacation, road tripGET READY FOR SUMMER DRIVING –

COOLING SYSTEM: A long road trip through summer heat can cause a strain on cooling systems. Sitting in traffic is just as bad, if not worse. On a hot day, it’s one of the quickest ways to overheat your car. That’s because there’s no air flowing across the engine to help keep it cool. A well-tuned cooling system can take a cross country trek or long idles in hot weather, but any problems with this system — low coolant levels, cracked hoses, loose or broken belts, a leak in the radiator, can cause your car to overheat and break down.

What are the best preventative measures?

Check the level of your coolant regularly. If necessary, fill with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water.

Check the condition and fittings of your radiator hoses. Look for leaks from hoses, or from the radiator, and check under the car where you park and look for any fluid leakage hitting the ground.

Check the condition of your belts. If they are not taught, have them adjusted. If they look worn or cracked, have them replaced.

Should you find yourself in a situation where your engine is overheating, pull over immediately, shut off the engine and don’t open the radiator cap.

A/C: No one wants their air conditioning system to fail them during the warmest months! If it is not producing cool air like it used to, bring the vehicle in to have it checked out. A frequent culprit and the best place to start? An A/C system evac and replacement of the schrader valves. Many times, that’s all that’s needed to fix the system. However, if problems with the A/C are still present after this first step, having a system evac and recharge pays off because during that process, a UV sensitive dye is also injected into the system, making it much easier to diagnose and pinpoint a leak or leaks, and then have them repaired.

BATTERY: Hot weather is even tougher on your battery than a December deep-freeze. Have your battery tested. If it’s been 3-4 years since you’ve replaced it, consider getting a new one, before it starts causing problems.

TIRES: Check your tire pressure – frequently. Your tires lose twice as much pressure in summer as they do in winter. An under-inflated tire bulges outward and puts undo pressure on the sidewalls of the tire. With enough heat and increased pressure, the tire eventually will blow-out. An over-inflated tire, on the other hand, makes less contact with the road and can lead to hydroplaning in wet conditions. Make a habit of checking tire pressure more frequently as temperatures rise.

ENGINE OIL: If you are close to being due for an oil change, get one – especially if you are going on a summer road trip. When you have your oil changed, have the air filter replaced too if it’s really dirty. A clogged air filter can lower your fuel efficiency. Replacing a dirty or clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. Summer allergies? Have the cabin air filter changed out too.

WIPER BLADES: Check the condition of your blades and change them out of the rubber is warped, cracked or peeling. It’s good to see while you are driving!

24/24 Extended Warranty Coverage


24/24 Extended Warranty Coverage

As our regular customers know, all of our repairs are covered by a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. We stand behind our work! But because many of our customers travel extensively, we decided to go the “extra mile” on our warranty coverage, and sign up with North American Warranty, extending our  standard 12/12 to 24/24.

The Bavarian Motors North American Warranty protects you from unexpected repairs on most services performed by our shop for 24 months or 24,000 miles, no matter where your travels take you. While on the road, if you have a problem with a covered repair performed at Bavarian Motors, simply call 1-855-6461425 (toll-free). The Warranty Administrator will direct you to one of more than 35,000 participating repair facilities for service. The repair facility will obtain authorization from the Warranty Administrator and perform the repair on your vehicle. Once the repair is completed, the shop will contact the Warranty Administrator. You pay nothing for covered repairs.


24/24 Extended Warranty Coverage

The North American Warranty covers parts and labor for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Warranty Coverage includes:

  • Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems
  • Engine cooling system(s)
  • Engine performance or drivability services and repair
  • Fuel system(s)
  • Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers), cruise control systems
  • Brake system(s)
  • Starting and charging systems
  • Electrical system(s)
  • Exhaust system(s)
  • Ignition system(s)
  • Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints, half-shafts and driveshafts
  • Other minor repairs


Service & Vehicles NOT Covered by the Warranty


  • Any internal repairs or replacement of internal components, or replacement of engine assembly.


  • Automatic – any internal repair or component replacement requiring the removal of the automatic transmission or transaxle from the vehicle or disassembly of the same.
  • Manual – any internal repair or component replacement requiring the removal of the transmission or transaxle from the vehicle or disassembly of the same.
  • Clutches – Clutch component or assembly repair or replacement.


  • Any repair or component replacement requiring the removal of internally lubricated components or replacement of the drive/axle differential assembly.



Title Washing and Flood Damaged Cars

A tale of title-washing:BMW, flood, title, washed

First, have you read the earlier blog post on pre-purchase inspections? Please go ahead, and then come back to this one. Thank you.

Last week, we had a newly purchased 2007 BMW come into the shop for a costly repair. This is the second costly repair the new owner has made since purchasing the vehicle a month ago. Bad news! Oh, but it gets worse. Once the belly pans were off the vehicle, it only took a few moments to realize that this bimmer was also a flood-damaged car.

Which leads me to the topic of this post. Colorado is one of several “title washing” states. Title washing hides the history of a vehicle that’s been salvaged, like, for example, a flood damaged car. Titles with a salvage “brand” are assigned to cars that are deemed a total loss by insurance companies. But that doesn’t mean the cars don’t go back on the road or the car lot.

flooded audiFlood-damaged vehicles may perform fine initially, only to have the worst of the damage surface a few months later. What are the most common issues with flood-damaged vehicles? Lots of electrical problems, including those that lead to airbag failure. Most vulnerable are the engine, transmission and drive train, along with the fuel, brake and power steering systems. Unless dirt and other contaminants are completely removed , increased wear and premature failure can result.

For obvious reasons, flood damaged and other salvaged/totaled vehicles have lower market values and are harder to sell. What’s a shady seller to do? “Wash” the title to give the car a clean slate, and the buyer a water-logged lemon.

How does it work? Titles are washed by transferring the title of a salvaged vehicle to a state that doesn’t “recognize” the brand. Again, Colorado is one of those states. It only requires cars five years old or newer to carry a salvage brand if they have been declared totaled; so many vehicles are sold without disclosure. When Colorado issues a new title on an older vehicle, the salvage brand has been removed and the vehicle’s history has been “washed” clean.

But what about searching the vehicle’s history through its VIN number, through Carfax or Autocheck? Well…doing so might tell you more about the history of the car – title washing does not clear vehicle history from computer records – but, it will only show repairs, claims, issues that have been reported via honest repair shops and service centers. In other words, it may not reveal the whole story.

How to protect yourself as a consumer?

Some good news. It was reported in the Denver Post over a month ago, that September’s floods in Colorado have fueled a push to expand the information that vehicle titles carry, including serious water damage. A bill has been written to expand consumer protections “that will put an end to ‘title washing’ and make sure consumers are clearly informed of damage or flooding on the car’s title when a car is purchased from another state, says the Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCI).  HB 1100 ensures that cars entering Colorado are properly ‘branded’ by carrying over the titles from other states. ”

But, until HB 1100 passes and goes into effect, here’s a few tips for those of you who are considering buying a new-to-you vehicle:

1) Get a pre-purchase inspection. Ask the mechanic to take off the belly pans on the vehicle, to look for excessive dirt, debris, and water lines that would indicate flood damage. They should make note of any mud, dirt, or grime around the alternator, wiring harnesses, starter motors, and power steering pumps. ( By the way, you should always get a vehicle inspected regardless of whether you’re worried about flood-damaged vehicles or not.)

2) Get a title guarantee, in writing, from the individual seller or the dealership.

3) Sit in the vehicle with the windows up, and inhale deeply. Any funky odors? Musty mold or mildew smell or very strong car freshener in place? Run the A/C, heat and defrost. Are the seat covers puckered or has the upholstery/carpet been replaced altogether? Any signs  silt in the crevices of seats, seatbelts, under car mats around the glove box? Turn the car stereo on, and the volume up – listen for crackling or static in the speakers.

4) Look for moisture on the inside of the instrument panel, and fogging inside the headlights and tail lights.

5) Ask the seller or dealer lots of questions. If you are getting vague answers, or if the asking price seems to good to be true, walk away.

6) Do run  a VIN based vehicle history report, through Carfax or the like, and also the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(, with the understanding that not all information is reported.

7) And get a pre-purchase inspection. Did I mention that already?

Autocross Racing Season – Tech Inspections

We are “Springing Forward” into racing season folks, and Bavarian Motors is your shop for free tech inspections – no matter which club you are racing with.

Call ahead to make an appointment, and count on spending about 1.5 hours with us. Bring the paperwork for the inspection with you. I’ll go over all points of inspection, answer any questions you may have, and make recommendations and repairs as needed.

As a member of the local chapter, I’ll be offering my time at the autocross events through the season, doing tech inspections – at the shop, and on race days.

Thanks to Cathy and Steve Hamilton, Treasurer and President of the Rocky Mountain BMW CCA – it was good to connect with the two of them in the past week.

Interested? For more information about the Rocky Mountain CCA Chapter, autocross and driving school, go to:


An autocross is a skill driving event in which one car at a time negotiates a prescribed course, using traffic cones to define a variety of turns. The sites are usually laid out on huge, open parking lots, or on sections of airport runways. The course is set up so that you are operating in lower gears, with a top speed of no more than 60mph or so, depending on the car. The average time of a run on the course is approximately one minute, plus a penalty of two seconds for each rubber cone (pylon) hit. During each run you operate your car at it’s limit of acceleration, turning, and braking…and yours. You maintain complete control of your car while maneuvering through the course in the lowest possible time.

Motorcross racing is an experience of maintaining control that becomes a valuable training session. You will develop a sense of timing, judgment, and ability to interpret your vehicle’s handling characteristics – at safe speeds and in a safe place. Your experiences at an autocross will enhance your driving ability on the street.

Most autocrossers are driving/racing enthusiasts who enjoy motorsports competition. In fact, a large percentage of participants do not even own a “race car”! They race the car they drive on the street. Some autocrossers are serious road race drivers who want to practice technique. Most are like you and me: lay-people with an itch for speed!

Autocross is an inexpensive, safe way to experience racing. It helps you discover your car’s capabilities and limitations, making you a better, safer driver on the road. And it develops your own driving ability. Many would-be race drivers use it as a jump point into the sport of road racing. But probably the greatest thrill of autocross is the challenge of beating your own time – It’s fun!

General info about Autocross/ Solo Racing – from and