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I had a suspicious suspension problem that I couldn't get fixed at other places. I took my X5 to Chris, he worked his magic. Straight forward, tell it like it is and get the job done. All with a reasonable price and quick turn around. Great job.

Garry Byers, 2005 BMW x5, April 25th, 2014

I highly recommended Bavarian Motors! They answered all my questions and were very honest. No one other than Bavarian Motors will ever work on my pride & joy BMW again! Thank you guys for an awesome job! The bottom line for me was the price of service, very reasonable!

Terrie Azzariti, 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster, July 1st, 2014

I brought my 2006 BMW 325xi into Bavarian for an estimate after my "4×4″and "ABS" indicator lights came on. Shannon and Chris very nice and accommodating with my situation, making sure to fully explain exactly what the problem was in detail and provide accurate and cost-effective options on how to fix the issue. After the inspection was complete it was determined that the issue was with the motor actuator and potentially the entire transfer case. They quoted me a fair and competitive price and were honest about the job. Instead of quoting me for the entire transfer case (which is substantially more expensive), they zeroed in on the real issue, which was the motor actuator and fairly assessed that price, which was extremely helpful and made my decision to choose them do the job easy. I would 100% recommend Bavarian Motors to any potential customers!

- Jordan, 2006 BMW 325xi December 28th, 2013

SOLID. Seriously, I trust Chris. I took my wife's car for some work and he made sure I understood what was wrong. He showed me all the parts that were replaced and explained why versus just tossing them. It can be expensive to keep up a BMW, but his pricing is also GREAT! I paid 40% less than my quote from "the BWM Leader in Denver". Thanks. I'd take my mom's car there!

Hector, 2001 BMW 323i, August 10th, 2013

Chris is a guy you can trust. He is professional and did a great job. I would recomend his shop to a friend. I like going there because you'll know who is working on your car.

Steve T, 2002 BMW 530i, July 17th, 2013


Chris really knows his craft! He is a wonderful mechanic! I will not be giving my business to any other mechanic as long as I have a German car.

Megan Hubbell, 2007 Volkwagen Passat, November 11, 2014

There are certain people we learn to rely on. Those who have earned our trust based on experience and results. This is especially true of our doctors and dentists and, to a degree, our auto mechanics/technicians. Being assured that the job will be done well and the price is fair, is key to establishing a lasting relationship with service providers. This has been true with my history of dealing with Bavarian Motors, and Chris and Shannon.

Chris listened to my concerns and my explanation concerning my wife's Jetta, and outlined in layman's terms, what specifically needed to be done, why, how long it would take, and what it would cost.

Shannon was very pleasant and helpful with setting up appointments, sharing particulars about estimates, and communicating progress.

This was not the case when I went to the VW dealer earlier, and was treated with indifference and disregard.

When you drive your car away after repairs are completed, with peace of mind and feeling comfortable and confident that the job was done well, and the price was right, you feel settled and secure.

This is why I rely on Chris to do the job – because of the ensuing satisfaction that all is well and fair.

You go in confident and you come out satisfied. Who wouldn't want that in a mechanic?

Mary B. and Charlie Z, 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS, December 27th, 2013

Chris Bruun of Bavarian Motors recently handled some work on my 2007 VW Rabbit. In addition to an excellent, on time job, Chris also diagnosed an airbag sensor problem. He could have just told me that it was so many dollars to fix and I would have had him perform the work. But, Chirs noticed that there was a technical bulletin from VW on the problem. He referred me to the dealership and the problem was fixed as part of a recall – no charge!

Because Chris acted with such integrity, I am returning to his shop and recommending him as well.

Go see Chris – I believe wholeheartedly that he will treat you fairly as well and you can also help support a small, local business.

Thanks Chris!

Jeff Sutherland, 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, August 12th, 2013


I grew up in a mechanic's family. Chris is exactly who mechanics want to work on their cars. Work was done professionally and clean. He didn't take any short cuts. I would use his service over and over again. I don't even own a German car and will take my vehicles to him. Service was excellent, prices beat the competition and were better than fair. Chris is honest and told me what he thinks needed to be done without any extra BS. There was also no pressure at all with his service. If you have a car that needs to be worked on, call Bavarian Motors LLC.

Kevin Jones, a year ago

Chris is absolutely fantastic. We took our Audi Q7 in to have him check into an oil leak. We've had quite a few problems with our engine and have had it serviced at McDonald Audi several times in the last few months, with which we were highly dissatisfied. He read our extensive previous service history thoroughly and upon inspecting the car recommended that we take it back to the dealership that did the previous service, as it should still be under 12 months/12000 miles warranty. He showed us patiently all of the problems he found. I've never been under a car with the mechanic showing me what is wrong before. It was pretty cool. We will bring this car back to Chris for inspection when McDonald is done with it, and for all future oil changes, repairs, everything. He really went the extra mile and made us feel really comfortable and safe, something we've never felt in dealing with the dealership to date. Highly recommended.

- Julie Weninger, 2014

They did a tech inspection at the last minute for me. Got it done quickly and were very friendly. They also scheduled an AC repair at the last minute. Great business and I would highly recommend!

– Brett Almquist, 2014

Chris, Thank you so much for your service, I can't say more. You were courteous, honest, on time for our appointments and very professional and had reasonable rates. You resolved our AC issue and our ABS light, also you gave me some estimates on issues that we will need to address in the near future, my wife is very happy driving her bimmer, and we will call you soon to work on our car to keep it running smooth.

David and Marlene, 2013


Very good service. They even took pictures! Quick and fast turn around. Will recommend!

- Anirudh K. 8/23/2014

Chris is excellent to work with. Unlike other shops around town that want to charge you $100 just to drive in the door, his assistant will give you a rough estimate of a repair over the phone if he has seen your car once or twice before.

I bring a 10+ year old car to Chris and I never leave with a laundry list of things that should "probably" or "very soon" be replaced. He lets me know that something will need to replaced down the line but that it is still fine for now and what to look for so I know to bring it in.

Chris is trustworthy enough that I drive from the Northwest side of Denver down to him to get my car worked on, passing 10+ Audi mechanics on the way. Its hard to find a trustworthy mechanic in this day and age, especially when working on Euro cars.

Michael H. 3/25/2014

I was driving to Denver from Colorado Springs and my car started to have major problems. I crippled it off the highway and into a mechanics shop down the road. We were told they couldn't help us but referred us to Bavarian Motors. WE ARE SO LUCKY THEY DID! Chris took a look at our car and was able to diagnose the problem right away. We were in a bind in a bad way. By this point the car was undrivable and we lived in another city. In-spite of the fact that this was not the type of car that Bavarian Motors usually works on and that Chris's schedule was packed, he fit us in and repaired our car at a reasonable price. Extremely knowledgeable and honest all around. I highly recommend this garage.

Grant H. 6/9/2013

I brought my car to Chris because of a bad fuel pump, as diagnosed by the tow truck driver that brought my car home. Chris quickly confirmed the diagnosis, and informed me it would be 3 or 4 days to get it swapped out. I agreed, and left the car with him.

He called me back the next afternoon and informed me he had finished the job! I went to retrieve the car, and he informed me of a couple other developing problems with the car. What he described sounded similar to odd behavior I had experienced in the car recently. I agreed, but told him those repairs would have to wait until I could afford them. He charged me a very reasonable fee for the fuel pump, I paid and left with a running car. I would absolutely recommend him to any friends or family that needed repair work done.

David N. 8/29/2012